Hosts with a great deal of heart and passion

Hello, this is us. The three of us together. We are family.

There are so many beautiful places in the world. And so many beautiful houses. But something that certainly doesn’t exist anywhere else is us. Berta, Karin and Sibylle. Because we are the three smiling faces of Pension Siller – a woman-run family business in South Tyrol – and a very special team of three.

We are the ones who open the door for you and give the first smile when we say “Grüßgott”. We are the listening ear and the advisors. We are the ones who are so excited to see you. With every new guest in our guesthouse, it becomes more colourful and beautiful here. Like in a flower garden. And that’s where women always feel most comfortable.

Girl power.
In our three-girl house.

That brings us to THE special feature:
we are three women, three generations and three unique people who are probably more similar to each other than we would like.
We are also known as the “Three girls house”. It may sound funny and we usually have a fun and spirited atmosphere, but above all there is a lot of female strength, cohesion and fighting spirit behind it. And when a family not only lives together, but also shares a passion and works together, then you can probably imagine that we also have a story in common to tell.

And maybe we will continue writing this story together soon …

“Girl power means
going through the wall if necessary,
with dignity with all your heart,
but also with your mind.”

Norbert van Tiggelen

Let’s have a chat about it …
The lioness with the big heart

Our grandmother, who was proudly born in 1928, is a real veteran and for us she is something like the queen. Without her, Pension Siller would not exist today. She would have preferred to become a midwife, but since life is often unpredictable, everything turned out completely differently. You can usually find her sitting on the bench in front of the house, chatting with guests, and she loves to talk about her childhood on the farm and how she changed from her stable coat to a restaurateur’s apron. Grandma Berta is definitely the quickest witted and most self-confident woman of the three of us. She enjoys the flowers around the guesthouse, she likes to direct things and Lenny the cat is her favourite.

The scales that keep everything balanced

Karin, who usually wears a white apron, is the girl for everything. She takes care of the house, garden, bureaucracy, shopping, guests from morning to evening and over the past years and decades she has made the Pension Siller what it is today. Karin is the good soul of the house and is simply indispensable as a daughter and mother. Especially since she has to maintain balance and find a middle ground between established tradition and youthful recklessness. The only thing that makes Karin really nervous is her computer when something just doesn’t work. What no one can copy so quickly are her delicious cakes and jams, which you can find on our buffet.

“Seeing the beauty in simple things and being together.
This is the greatest happiness and wealth.”

Karin Siller

The fresh wind with an angel’s voice

Sibylle is the youngest in the group, graduated from the Kaiserhof State Hotel Management School and has already gained valuable experience in several good hotels. She rarely lacks ideas and drive, but convincing the two older generations is always a real challenge. Most of the time, Sibylle can be found wherever she is needed: in the morning at breakfast, at reception or when interacting with guests. She particularly likes this, and usually comes up with the funniest sayings and tends to lose track of time.

Music – the language of the heart

In addition to her passion for gastronomy, one thing has accompanied Sibylle all her life. Music.

At the beginning, Pension Siller was always a nice opportunity to practice performing and play in front of an audience. Sibylle is now a musician on the side and is constantly on the move. Especially at weddings and church celebrations, but also at musical evenings in a variety of hotels.

And we have such evenings regularly at Pension Siller. Evenings when we all sit together on our terrace by the pool, filled with melodies and lyrics that are meant to touch the heart and tell stories.