Garden with pool

Bed and breakfast & apartments with pool in Lagundo

The warmth of the sun on your skin.

Wet hair. And abundant peace in your heart. Where the Mediterranean kisses the mountains and refreshes the soul.

At the point where you have the most beautiful view of our mountains.

There you will find our guesthouse with an outdoor pool (12 x 5 m), surrounded by our wide lawn with small retreats.

This is the place where you will see one or the other already happily doing their laps early in the morning. Where a day of rest is the order of the day and vitamin D is soaked in. Where the tired legs of hikers can recover.

There, where you can treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation and finally finish reading your favourite book. There, where you just want to stay. Preferably for a while.

And there, where in the evening you look over a shining little lake, with only the stars above you, and have pleasant thoughts before going to bed.

Life can be so sweet. La dolce vita.

Relaxing by the pool Flowers with pension in the background Reading a book with coffee Flowers by the pool Aperitif Sun loungers by the pool The cat Flowers Poolside
Where flowers bloom, the world smiles.

Oh yes, the world is smiling at us. And spring never ends.

It has always been Grandma Berta’s greatest joy to see our garden blooming as colourfully as possible. And today it’s Karin in particular who takes care of these little bringers of joy around our guesthouse in Lagundo.
Oleanders, roses, hydrangeas, geraniums and many more types of flowers.

Often people even stop as they walk past to take photos of our flowers and every season new floral splendours emerge in our garden.

“Flowers are nature’s most beautiful words.”
Berta Siller

The hydrangea flower in our logo therefore also has a very important meaning. It not only represents the sea of flowers around our guesthouse, but above all it is a symbol of gratitude, grace and beauty. It radiates generosity, love, harmony and peace. And we live these values.

Grandma Berta with her flowers
Grandma Berta with her flowers

A little anecdote in passing: In the past, as soon as a rain cloud appeared, Berta would run to her flower beds with several umbrellas and stretch them over the geraniums. There was hardly anyone who didn’t smile at the sight.